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Need to lose weight in 5 weeks?

I'm going on hols in five weeks and need to lose 20 pounds. How can i do this easily. I work long hours so can't go to a gym.

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    well there are a couple ideas for you to do

    1. try eating more healty-(instead of ribs mabey have a sub with meat and no mayo instead).

    2. if your work is in close distance try riding a bike or walking to work everday.

    3. Try to keep yourself accupied and dont get stressed-(usually when ur bored or upset we tend to eat to calm are nerves.

    4. Rent some 5 minute work out vidos from ur public libary-(their super easy and really fun do them a couple times a day)

    5. Fit tv!

    hope this helps

    and good luck


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    i lost eleven ibs in a week in a half. I stopped snacking. I know its not healthy but it works. Eat like med brek. and small dinner early.

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    U should try dancing. It really works because u move ur whole body.

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