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What are some good songs 2 put on my ipod???

I need some good songs for a 12 year old girl... I already have....

-Bleeding Love

-Our song

-Tear drops on my guitar

-Love song

-Waiting on the world to change

-Hey there delilah

-picture to burn

-behind these hazel eyes



-To late to apolgize

-just like a tattoo

-why cant i breathe


-i wont go home without you

-no air




-big girls dont cry



-beautiful girls

-wake up call

-i kissed a girl

-umbrella-remix/or a.k.a cinderella


-the little things

-little mama and avril lavigne/ girlfriend

-bottle it up

-dont stop the music

-burnin up

-shake it

-7 things

-when i grow up

-hold on

Any more??? Thnx guys... I'll give 5 stars to the best answer...

And remeber this is for a 12 year old girl!

No rap songs plz!!


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    No One by alica keys.

    Leavin' Jesse Mcartney

    SOS- Jonas Bros

    Hold on- Jonas Bros

    all songs by jo bros haha =]

    Hate that I love you- Rihanna

    Forever- Chris Brown

    With you- Chris Brown

    Love in this club- usher

    Love song

    Pocket Full Of Sunshine- Natasha Beingfield

    Shawty Get Loose- Lil Mama - its sorta rap bt not really.

    Please Dont Stop the Music- Rihanna

    She Got it

    Better Off Alone

    Apologize-One Republic

    Stop and Stare- One Republic

    Wait For You- elliot yamin

    Take You Down- Chris Brown

    Thanx for the Memories-Fall Out Boy

    Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day

    Boulavard Of Broken Dreams-Green Day

    Shut Up- Simple Plan

    Im Just A Kid- Simple Plan

    Ayer- FLo Rida- Rappish tough

    Lollipop- Lil wayne- Rappish but its good.

    Bust It Baby pt 2- Piles

    One Step At A Time-Jordin Sparks

    Love Like This- Natasha BeningField

    Take You There- Sean Kingston

    Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston

    Disturbia- Rihanna

    This Is Me- Camp rock/ Demi Lavato

    well Camp rock songs

    Potential brake up song- Aly and Aj

    all ALy and Aj songs

    Sexy can I is good too but rappish

    Me Love- Sean Kingston

    See You Again- Miley Cyrus/ other mley songs are good too

    The GReat Escape-Boys like Girls

    Hero/Heroine-Boys like Girls

    Here In your arm- HelloGoodbye

    Ponde Reply-Rihanna

    Good Life- Kanye

    Go Girl- Pittbull

    Do You Know- Enrique

    Cyclone-Baby Bash

    Closer- Ne-Yo

    well yea thats all i can think off rite now hope u like it

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    WOW. Im sorry but those songs are really bad. I think Burnin up is the only one that is relativly good. I think im the only straight guy that dosent think the Jonas Brothers are gay. But the rest of them are horrrrrrible.

    Try bands like

    Boys like Girls

    Forever the Sickest Kids


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    DEFINATELY SHAKE IT by Metro station. That song is so cool! And Maybe New Soul by Yael Naim. And maybe "But its better if you do" or "I write sins not tragedies" both by panic at the disco. Those songs are all pretty cool. Or if your a hip hop person, lollipop by lil wayne, and some other songs that I cant think of. Well, hope this helps!

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    Cheetah girls

    jonas brothers- burnin up for u baby

    potential break up song- I forget who its by

    rhianna- disturbia

    American boy- estelle feat. Kanye

    everything- by a cursive memory

    cupids chokehold- gym class heroes

    high school musical songs

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    -Low, Flo Rida, T-Pain

    -Run It, Chris Brown

    -Sexy, Can I, Ray J

    -Love In This Club, Usher

    -Get Like Me, David Banner

    -Leavin, Jesse McCartney

    -Damaged, Danity Kane

    -7 Things, Miley Cyrus

    -See You Again, Miley Cyrus

    -Forever, Chris Brown

    -Whine Up- Kat Deluna

    -Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne

    Since i helped you,

    please help me!

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    Wow... you are a girly girl...

    Anything by Rihanna! (S.O.S., Pon De Replay, If It's Lovin' That You Want);_ylt=AklqG...

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    1 decade ago

    here are some of my suggestions:

    one step at a time- jordin sparks

    leavin'- jesse mccartney

    love like this- natasha bedingfield

    fall for you- secondhand serenade

    pocketful of sunshine- natasha bedingfield

    me love- sean kingston

    good luck!!!

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    try some taylor twelve and i like ALL of those songs but my friend recently got me into paramore and panic at the disco..the best song from paramore in my opinion is misery business....but taylor swift is pretty cool..and do u like other miley cyrus stuff.or some camp rock or demi lovato..ashley tisdale...vanessa just nameing artistss...but..that is what i would do..

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    handle bars - flobots

    rihana- take a bow

    jesse mccartney - leavin

    anything on the radio

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    violet hill by cold play is good.

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