Has anyone heard of hellicopter parenting?

This has been on several studdies on line. It's parents who hover over their teenage and young adult children. By that I mean not giving them hardly any responsibility, taking care of all their needs both financially and psycologically. Also not allowing them to feel any heartache while entering into adulthood. I've heard parents drive college professors crazy by chewing them out about their child's grade. Also too I've noticed with today's gen Xers a lot of parents tend to want to have a lot to say about how their children want to live out their lives wether married or single. I knew this guy who was in his early 30's who seemed to have no drive to ever leave his parent's house. What seems to be the deal and how can you prepare yourself to not let this happen to you or your kids in the future?

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    It's a generational thing, and it has actually happened before. When we were kids (40 somethings) our parents thought nothing of having in the back seat of the car, standing up, for the ride. Today, and in the last 25 years, you would almost go to jail for that. We have been through a time period where we worship kids, are overly concerned with their well-being, which is certainly better than some of the abuse we saw on a large scale in the past, but taken to far and the positive effect goes away. The key is to raise kids well, with firmness and discipline (that does not mean with meanness), SO THAT at about the age of 13 or 14 we can "let them go." The frustration that kicks in at about that age with overly cautious parents can be devastating to a young person ambition and psyche.

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    I read an article in Oprah magazine on it. Of the problems in this country, I believe that LACK of parenting is the cause of more problems than helicopter parenting. So I am not that concerned about it. What makes me upset is parents who make their children pay for their own college. Why have children if you do not save enough money to educate them? And parents who do not watch their children enough in early teens so they do not get pregnant and put a burden on society since they have no money.

    I wouldnt worry about you since you are aware of the problem Im sure you will do everything right.

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    yes I have seen and heard of that and I pray to GOD that I don't ever become one of them when my kids get older. I am trying to do everything right so I won't be one but that still isn't a guarentee I won't

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    just dont run there life for them

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    Omigod, have I ever.

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