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Where did my downloads go for the sims 2?

I downloaded certain stuff for the sims 2 of several sites and then i went into my downloads.

It was there so i double-clicked and then i clicked extract all files.

After doing that to everyone (the files are still in the sims downloads) I went into the game and theres nothing there? What do i do?

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    What Engram said.


    What did you download? If it was clothes and/or hair, you need to make sure you downloaded the mesh for it to show up in your game.

    If you downloaded objects, you need CEP for them to show up.

    FAQ about meshes:


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    If this was the first time that you had put custom content into the game, you actually need to click on enable custom content when the blue screen appears, then exit the game and start it again.

    Also, make sure that your Downloads folder starts with a capital D. It won't work if the folder starts with a lower case d.

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    Well first of all you have to restart the computer. Then you uninstall your sims 2 game. Then you install it. Then you uninstall it. Then you install it. Now once it's installed check if you have the new content. If you don't that sucks.

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    my computer does the same thing! sometimes if your games are old you have to reregister them

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    well if your comuter is old (or crazy) it'll make it be uninstalled!

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