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long face, hair styles?

I have a oval and long shaped face. I don't want straight across bangs. What are haircuts and styles that will make my face not look as long. PICTURES PLEASE! thanks.

and if you wanna know, i have thick wavy hair

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    Bangs are definitely a must, but if you don't want blunt bangs (straight across), then side-swept bangs will work. Also, part your hair on the side, and make sure you have plenty of volume. If you want short hair, a bob looks great with a long, narrow face. If you poof it out, if makes your face look a bit wider. If you want to have long hair, then waves and layers are great.

    Not a pic, but great info:


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    long foreheads are many times complicated in that they reason the face to seem overly slender, or genuine-heavy.super, long or huge foreheads are many times camouflaged with the aid of utilising a coiffure that contains bangs of a few type to decrease the quantity of the brow it incredibly is seen as component to the face. transforming into your hair out long will additionally make it much less sizeable. yet another technique for protecting super or unbalanced useful aspects is to apply asymmetrical styling aspects to allure to concentration faraway from the complicated useful aspects. Sharply angled slicing lines interior the bangs, or greater and decrease volume interior the hair on diverse aspects of the face can help to distract the viewer’s eye faraway from aspects you desire to have seem much less sizeable.

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    asap if you really want a different hairstyle then go to your hair styalist and tell them what you want done they know everything you should not be asking this on yahoo go to your dam hair styalist!!!!!!!!!!!

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