Here is my profile: can I get into a good BS/MD or BA/MD program with money help, or a full ride?

-16 (skipped 1st grade), senior, 1st or 2nd in class, academic decathalon, honor society, Vice president of tech. honor society, student council, HOSA, science club, class representative,

-good AP scores, 1st SAT (1900), but i will take it again

-400 volunteer hours in the medical field, youth sports team, built houses in Mexico and taught classes

-raised money for darfur aid,and in process of taking on other mission activities...

i am positive that this is the career option for me...

do i have a chance

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    Clearly your class rank is excellent, but you would need to significantly up your SAT score for a good program. Your math score needs to be very strong but for a program like Brown's or Northwestern's they want a very high overall score. For programs below those a 2100 would put you in the running, but math would have to be at least 740 with a strong mathII score as well.

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    That sort of thing won't get you into an undergraduate (bachelor's level) program. And it's what you do IN college that can determine your eligibility for medical school.

    However, that sort community service and involvement will help get you into a good university that looks at those sorts of things. But in the end, it's your grades and MCAT score that determines whether you get into medical school.

    Look into your university's pre-med program (you can be pre-med with any major, but biology, chemistry or biochemistry is preferred).

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