Is Bad Parenting Responsible for Youth Crime?

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  • Lynn
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    1 decade ago
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    I think it's laxness on the parent's part when they start leaving

    latch key kids at home, to save the cost of having someone to

    watch over them. Most have the freedom to go anywhere or

    do anything, as long as they are home when their parents

    arrive. These parents don't give the children the guidance they need, being caught up in trying to make a living during the week, and doing errands on the weekends. Where do they find the time to even fit their children into their schedules? So children are not only unsupervised, they are often ignored when the parents are at home. So essentially, the child is left to his own devices to raise himself. He misses

    out on the nurturing, and the love every child needs. Plus

    the encouragement to do right and follow the rules of the

    household or any others of society.

    Parent's need to start interacting with their children when

    they are at home. There's more to being a parent, than asking

    how their day went in school. If parents were to set down

    rigid guidelines on the household rules, and not allowing the

    child to leave home in their absence, maybe the majority will

    obey and actually work on homework or something respon-

    sible. Parents have the responsibility to follow up on these rules and make sure the child is adhering to them. The

    parent must balance love and guidelines and a firmness that

    allows their children to know that if their parents didn't care, they would just let them go wild.

    Now there are laws where the parents are made accountable, if their children break any laws. And often, they can be made to go to jail themselves for a crime their child was guilty of. If more were aware of that fact, I'm sure that they'ed make a renewed effort to over see their children more. And see to it that they behave in a respectible manner when they are by themselves. At least this is a start to preventing a child from just running wild and getting into

    trouble in some way. If parents start enforcing ground rules

    when the child is pre teen, they will have set in motion what

    the child knows is expected of them. And won't be as ad-

    venturesome to try to get away with something when alone.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes and no, I have seen plenty of kids with great parents who end up in the youth system - surprisingly the number of kids from two parent families also far outnumbered the ones from single parents homes --

    Some kids seem just destined to get into trouble while others who have all the odds stacked against them really succeed in life --

    I do believe however that children do better when both parents have a presence in their lives or at least have both a male and female role model and good ones.

    BUT its no guarantee -- I personally feel its the Young Offenders Act that is primarily responsible - a lot of these kids cut off the crime spree as soon as they are old enough to be tried in Adult Court --

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Depends upon the age of the "youth." While bad parenting can contribute, it is not totally responsible. There have been lots of BAD parents for which the children "turn out" well, and there have been GREAT parents for which their children "turn out" bad.

    Ultimately, the "youth" has CHOICE as to what they do or not do, and they can make GOOD choices and BAD choices.

    Have a "senior" day.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bad parenting contributes, but the legal system lends no hand either...The ones whom break the law are well aware that as juveniles, most states are just going to put them on probation, and that even if they get detention, at 18 they are free citizens again...I had the experience with a "step-son" who was in quite a bit of trouble with the law...He was restricted to the home from 6pm until 6am, for 1 year...He was checked on exactly three times that year, and the Probation Officer called two days before each visit, to insure he would be there for his check up....I honestly tried to help the young man, but his mother blocked me every inch of the way...She contributed a lot, by not enforcing discipline in the home, but the court system showed little concern, and negligence also...Between the two, it has really gotten out of hand....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely I see it all the time. Kids aren't held responsible anymore because the parents are running around,partying ect. No one wants to stay home and be a parent.In all fairness there are those who want and do.I had 2 boys come visit my grandaughter and her friend at 1:00 in the morning without my permission, I caught then and I ask where are your parents and one replied his mom was with her boyfriend the other one said his mother had died and so I ask where is your dad, he didn't know and the other parent was working..As I said I see it all the time.Bad parenting mostly and no church on Sunday or community service.They are growing up to be ill manered , selfish lazy kids.But in all fairness not all of them.

  • Snoot
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    1 decade ago

    I've thought about that quite often in lieu of the crime among the young people. In most cases, the parents didn't care. Their family life was one of abuse, lack of discipline no educational goals, and some were faced with horrific abuse.

    I am thankful that I am a happy person with a wonderful family in that I was raised in a abusive home, and still have infrequent nightmares.

    I also believe some of the young kids start early in their life of crime. Assuredly, many have an unchecked mental disorder and that coupled with their home life has to have a propensity towards criminal activity..

  • CJ
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    1 decade ago

    I believe that a large part of Youth Crime is a direct result of poor parenting. The youth were not taught discipline, compassion, tolerance, or how to be good student and a good person. Therefore, I think the answer to your question is a resounding YES!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Similar to one of my children accomplishing something good, I would feel, ‘I gave birth to that child,’ if one of my children committed a crime, I would feel responsible. It would mean I did not prepare my child for the beauty and complexity of our relationships within the family, within the community, between the community and the larger society. It would be misguided parenting, but that would be bad for those of us affected. Society does make it difficult for youth at times. Ultimately and universally, though, my children were my gifts to care for and provide the psychological cushions to cope and thrive in the world.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bad parenting may be a factor in some cases. However, I've seen too many

    families where some siblings turned out to be law abiding, productive citizens and others turned out to be criminal parasites. There has to be a host of other factors involved.

  • maggie
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    1 decade ago

    It is a rather hard question to answere.I do believe with parents never home it sure makes the kids go wild and there is no supervision.However i have seen kids from very nice homes go wrong and the parents were truly not to blame as they did all they could.So i think its just that there are so many tempting things out there they just get sucked in.

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