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I am currently in high school right now, and I am becomming a sophomore. My grades in my freshmen year weren't so good. I'm talking below a 3.0 in both semesters. Also, I had a D+ in English in my second semester. I had a rough year with everything going on in my family. I know I will do better this time. I have never gotten grades like this before. I am shooting for a 3.5 or above. Can 1 year of bad grades in high school affect me of going in to a good college like a State University or a University. Please help. I need some tips.

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    Yes, one bad year of grades can definitely affect you chances at a first tier college.

    However there is good news - if you get a 3.5 or above from now on until senior year you can fix the problem. I would advise you to aim for a 3.8 from now until you graduate. This will help you to salvage you cumulative average.

    You may not get into Harvard but you can get into a good university. You may want to address you freshman grades in your college admissions essay and discuss you transition from middle school to high school in an interesting way.

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    Freshman year is still considered when you apply for a college, but not as much as Junior year.

    Colleges look for other things besides good grades, so that could help you.

    Get involved in clubs, sports, or any other activity you think you would like to continue with.

    They like to see you stick with something and doing it on your own time makes it look better.

    Also, when you get involved with other activities make yourself known, don't just sit there.

    When you decide on electives, make sure they can benefit you, study hall isn't the best choice.

    Senior year is also important, a lot of kids, even the smart ones start to let go of their work because they know graduation is coming. Keep up with your work at all times, don't fall behind.

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    depends on where you want to go. like the university of california system doesn't even calculate 9th grade when they look for your GPA. just make sure you make up that D (and try to get an A in the make-up class) and that your grades steadily improve from here on. also, on college apps, there is a place for you to explain what was going on, basically a "is there anything else we should know about you?" section. be sure to explain yourself there.

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    luckily 9th grade is least looked at, according to teachers at my school, they look at 11th grade mostly

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