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Do you feel that the state and/or city where you live is biasing you for or against a particular candidate?

I've notice that some places have nothing but negative information circulating around about particular candidates. Do you feel that the place where you live and the people around you have significantly influenced your vote?

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    Let's say this: I live in an area, like most, where the sophisticates, educated people and the metrosexual crowd support Mr. Obama --- while just a few miles away, the bitter and easily manipulated (call them neocon rednecks) cling to their guns and place their faith in the great white hope McCain to beat the dreadful specter of a Black president.

    Scary; sad; true.

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    My proper ten international places: a million) New Zealand 2) Australia 3) Antarctica 4) Japan 5) Italy 6) Russia 7) Greece 8) Hungry 9) Greenland 10) Scotland proper ten cities+states a million) Las Vegas 2) new york 3) Miami 4) Chicago 5) Cairo 6) Budapest 7) Athens 8) Moscow 9) London 10) Beijing proper 6 places: a million) Niagara Falls 2) Stonehenge 3) Mount Everest 4) The Colosseum 5) Diving in the Grt. Barrier Reef! 6) The Grand Canyon

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    Yeah it seems without thinking the Clinton Campaign thinks Washington has their back- at the primaries Clinton had 1500 and obama had almost 50,000 BOOYAH.

    Nobody is ever going to get me to vote for a Clinton unless its some kind of martial law deal or if I'm on a desert island and she has the only clean water.

    Our town had a big split between Obama and Clinton supporters. Obama stickeres out numbered those old Kerry/Edwards stickers fading in the sun.

    People from my town just like saying they were against something nobody else knew was wrong :/ there are grandma's who like telling people they spit on Veit Nam war vets.

    It makes me sick.

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    Totally. I live a few blocks a way from Obama and go to the same school as his kids. It's a given that that is who people are voting for. (It's an extremely liberal place anyway.) They don't circulate negative information, you just won't hear one word about McCain.

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    Not on the Presidential election- everyone around here is pretty hush-hush-lest offending our neighbors. We do have a Governors race coming up and that one is definitely regionally biased. Cities are predominantly Dem and rural are Reps all the way.

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    The State and/or City where I live doesn't do anything either way... However the majority of the media is so sticky sweet for Obama that I can feel my teeth rot every time that I see another headline...

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    Yes indeed! I live here in Chocolate City; I see black democrats in action daily!

    So I can easily imagine the chaos and foulness of oh bummer in the White House!

    Don't destroy America...Vote John McCain

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    1 decade ago

    Well, I live in Chicago and so this election has become more of an intellectual exercise since no matter what I do with my vote it doesn't matter. Say what you want about 'every vote matters' but I know mine doesn't this election.

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    No, that is what the "news" media does. That seems to be their unspoken strategy.

    Source(s): "Propaganda" Joseph Goebbels
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    1 decade ago

    I am in south carolina dude, and as much as it would surprise you it looks as if Obama has wooed many south carolinians

    except of course the rednecks

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