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HELP HELP HELP HELP stray kitty?

I found this kitty in my driveway who was really KE-UWT well I guess all kittens and puppies are cute. I gave it some milk in a saucer and played with it in my house (on the floor) a little. We couldn't keep him because we already have two dogs and a cat. The cat was covered in fleas, I felt really bad for it. My neighbors found them in their backyard and they said that his neice, who is 9 was coming over and she might adopt one or two of them. I hope she does, but I feel so bad for them because they're covered in fleas and they might not have a home. I gave him to my dad who brought him back to our neighbors back yard-- :(( Should I do more?? I feel like I should. I don't want to get in my neighbors business, but maybe should I make some flyers for newborn kitten needs home. I don't really want to talk to my neighbors, but I love animals!

I can't give it a bath, I'm afraid it will drownd it's so tiny! Plus I'm not going to put it in my tub--ew! And it scratches me up!


OH yeah, I just saw the girl, she doesn't seem like she cares. She was sitting in the front yard and my dad asked if she saw the cats and she was like "no" angrily. I'm worried they won't get homes!!

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    try to find a cat haven or a no kill shelter..kittens usually get adopted fast at shelters..I always feel bad for the older cats because people come in wanting tp adopt kittens =(

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    You can call an animal service in your area and tell them that there are stray kittens at your neighbors....maybe they will pick them up but then again the agency may eithanisize them...

    the other option is to look for a kitten rescue in your area and tell them about the kittens...rescues have people that raise kittens and find homes for them

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    Well there are different things you can get for fleas. Frontline being the best. Expensive but works great. Get it at petco or petsmart. Comes in tubes of three. I would tell your neighbor that you are putting up signs for the kittens. You can also call a local shelter and ask what they would reccomend. Good luck. Thanks for caring. :)

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    Well i am not sure there is much more you can do! you can kindly ask the neighbors if you could help make flyers! That would be really nice of you!

    you are so kind to the kittens though!! :)

    your friend Shayla

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  • Call a local rescue group. they could clean the kittens and get them fixed up. People will adopt them quick. here is a website that you can find rescues in your area.....srry i couldn't post the link but you go to then go to animal shelters then go to animal shelters by distance.

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