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survey - have you ever been bitten by a?

a) dog

b) cat

c) love bug

d) snake bitten

e) spider

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  • Emily
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    a) dog -- yes when I was 5 by my aunt's bulldog, I had teeth marks and everything... I guess it can't be as bad as I remember it, cuz I don't remember going to the doctor's or anything, but I remember it being all bruised and teeth marks and stuff, no blood. Anyways, I deserved it cuz I was pulling his tail chasing him, but then again I was 5. I'm still afraid of bulldogs and him in general. Up until he died about 5 years ago, I wouldn't go over unless he was chained up. I'm not afraid of other dogs though

    b) cat -- my cat gives love bites all the time... Or sometimes if we're playing, he gets too rough and nibbles... He doesn't hurt though, but I'm still trying to train him not to bite at all

    c) love bug -- Is this an actual bug or are we talking about falling in love??? Falling in love yes, but never been bitten by an actual love bug and not sure what it is.

    d & e) snake/spider -- no to either, thank god.... I got a phobia against both... IF i see a spider in my room, I won't go to sleep until I can catch and kill it, and even then I'm wide eyed to make sure there's no more... We live by the woods and stuff so occassionally one comes in with the rain and stuff, ick!!! thank god we don't have poisonous spiders by me, and I don't believe we have any snakes at all by me

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    Ive gotten bitten a few times by dogs since i had a paper route the worse being a pit bull when he clamped down his owner hit him numerous times over the head with a baseball bat till he let go he put a large hole in my leg also spiders are plentifully here and yes Ive been bitten by them they only seem to Itch so there no big deal unless you live somewhere they have piousness spiders

  • I've been bitten by a dog. A party cocker spaniel named Chester. I was going to put a leash on him to take him for a walk and he bit my right hand real deep. I still have the scar.

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    Love Bug

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes to everything but d) snake bitten and e) spider.

  • 1 decade ago

    spider dog cat i got bit on the back of the leg by a pitbull was the worst but i got away he ran off when i yelled at him

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    iv been bitten by a dog, a cat, and a spider

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    a) dog-several times but they were nibbles mostly

    b) cat-again several times but they were nibbles

    c) love bug-a couple of times

    d) snake bitten-no

    e) spider-no

  • 1 decade ago

    a) dog-yes

    b) cat-yes

    c) love bug-yes

    d) snake bitten-no

    e) spider-yes

  • 4 years ago

    No, however I did take hold of him across the throat as soon as in the course of a root canal, his face went crimson! I believe he nonetheless will get worried whilst he sees me on the door of his surgical procedure. I wager he listens to his sufferers once they say it`s hurting now!!

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