Broke up with bf of 1 year and half b/c he cheated, but he thinks he did NOTHING can i get over him

i was with my boyfriend who is 27 years old for one year and a half. i found out he was talking to his ex gf whom she still calls him "honey", "baby" etc.

When i asked him if he speaks to her, he denied it at first and got mad. when i told him i found out, he told me nothing is going on, they do speak b/c she still calls him and does still love him, but nothing is going on. he lied about so many other things which i found out, and he says he did nothing wrong. he shifts the blame on ME, saying i'm not a perfect person and that he's the victim. he always blames everything on me. we didnt talk for about 2 weeks and i see pictures of him with his friends at a club. one pic was with him with some model and he was smiling, he had his hand on her waist. when we talked again i asked him about her. his response was that the model kept following him around to dance with him when he didnt want to and he just took that picture b/c of the photographer..

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he lied again. if he was annoyed by that model following him aroiund, why take that picture smiling and he had his head pressed against her face. after this i couldnt take it anymore i told him i was fed up with his lied. he gets mad, yelling at me saying "you ****** up!"

i hang up the phone. he texts me saying, "don't regret this. it's your loss. i will be with that model whom you're jealous of, she's actually all over me, she wants me so i will go meet her tonight. it's your loss and a gain to the single market. are you jealous? i know youre jealous of her"

i didnt reply. after a week i end up calling him, blocking my number and when he picked up i would just hang up, and end up crying myself to sleep. i do this several times. and i get drunk one night, leave him a message saying areyou happy with her? you hurt me so much etc.

Update 2:

i change my phone number after b/c i cant take it anymore. he emails me saying this:

subject line - hello jean michelle lee

"hi are you? why are you calling me with unknown? i tried calling u back but ur phone number is apparently disconnected. call me back with your new number if u decide to call again. bye~ smile! =)"

those were the exact words.

i never replied back or called him after. is he mocking me? he just doesnt care how hurt i am. i told him before and he says he did nothing wrong. no matter what i say he doenst get it. i feel so used, betrayed, hurt etc. i know i should move and i am trying but its just so unfair. what do i do? why do miss him?

he told he loves me, im the love of his life, hes going to marry me later and yet he does all this and doesnt care. ive been getting unknown calls to my home phone around 6:20 am and i shouldnt think its him right? how can i just move on when its so unfair? karma??

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    This guy is 27? Sure doesn't sound like it! Sounds like he needs to grow up.

    He is one of those people who doesn't think that they ever do anything wrong. It is always someone elses fault - this way they never have to take full responsibility for their actions. That's crap - and he is going to realize eventually that eventually you do have to face the consequences to your actions.

    Consider what he did a favor. I know that it is sad and it is always hard to lose someone - but it sounds like you cannot trust him. If you cannot trust him then the relationship will definitely not work; both of you will end up miserable in the end.

    Sounds like he thinks of no one but himself; and that's to bad.

    He needs to grow up...and it doesn't sound like he is going to do that until he is forced to. You can do better - don't give him your phone number! Move on; I feel sorry for the dating world because you threw that guy back in there; but to be perfectly honest it sounds like he was going behind your back all along...

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    Stop talking to him. This will be your first step. Go eight weeks with out talking to him. Next you will stop talking about him to everyone. Then you will start to stop thinking about. Today,-Clear your house out of anything that reminds you of him. Give it to some one like your sister or bestfriend to hold onto and tell them not to give it back to you for a year.

    Write a list of what you do not like about him, this you can keep. Pull this out whenever you get the urge to contact him. I am in the same boat as you except it was a six year relationship and it just ended three weeks ago and he already has a new girl.

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    first of all, as a woman i'm concerned that you might be overreacting just a little bit. Yes some of the things you said are questionable on his part, but I also understand a little about how guys think. my husband had one of his exgirlfriends that continued calling trying to get back together he didn't want to tell me because he was worried i would get the wrong idea.

    So you have two choices - talk to him (without accusations) and tell him that you are not comfortable about the women - OR - get over it and move on!

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    u r still in love he seems like he is living life having fun while you suffer and worry bout his where abouts and what hes doing lay off him for a bit dont call him and if he knows what he has i think he will *** around and shape out in the mean time you start going out and having fun i thinks he loves you but i think he wants to live that single life as well they usually realize what they have once its gone

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    Just drop it and move on. Ignore every attempt he makes at getting your attention. Get out and find someone new or just get to know someone special a little better - YOU.

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    Just. Just forget about him. Okay? He sound like a huge d*ck. Go out. Go to clubs, go meet friends. Meet new guys. Forget his ***. It doesn't sound like he's worth all this trouble.

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    I'm just guessing her, I would say you are what 16-17-maybe 18 years old???

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