Ford E250 1993 Brake problem , can't get firm pedal.?

Already replaced rear brake shoes, emergency brake cable, new front brakes and rotors, rebult master cylinder, new brakeline in the front.

Bench-bled master (in the truck) twice, bled the entire system furthest to nearest, twice by foot, twice by hand pump, twice by power bleeder and it still can't hold a petal.

Considering that the ABS cylinder may be the problem. Should I bypass. How can I test?

Thanks for your responses to my previous question about this and hoping for more suggestions. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Man that sucks! I had a problem like that in the past. It ended up being the (new) master cylinder. Is there a bleeder on the ABS box? Look for some hex head plugs on the ABS and try to bleed it.

    Good luck

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  • There is a bleeder screw on the RABS valve, too. May be all you need to do is bleed it. If not it may need replacing.

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