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snickerdoodle help!!! good bakers needed to answer!!!easy best answer!!?

ok so i want to make snickerdoodles and i have arecipe and i have everything on the recipe EXCEPT cinnamon!!!

do u think i can substitute cinnamon with brown sugar??

by the way the cinnamon is to roll the dough balls in so do u think i can replce it with brown sugar and if so do i need to change the measurments??


plz HELP!!!

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    Well you can grind a cinnamon stick but if you don't have this you can try ground nutmeg, allspice, cardamom or cloves, starting with half the amount specified I would mix it with a little brown sugar to cut down the taste of the spice. So if it calls for 2 tablespoons of cinnamon try 1 tablespoon of the substitute spice and maybe 1 tablespoon of brown sugar taste with your finger and add more spice as you like. Or you can do just spice and not sugar (taste and choose).

    I'm sure your cookies will turn out great, Hope this helps!

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    Cinnamon is what makes a snickerdoodle a snickerdoodle. If you can't buy cinnamon, just roll it in a little regular granulated sugar. It won't be the same but it'll still be good. I would avoid rolling it in brown sugar though. It'll make them stick to the pan WAY to much.

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    NO NO NO - It will NOT be the same. If you do not mind - you could go for it. But the entire theme of the snickerdoodle is the cinnamon/sugar that the ball is rolled in.

    If you just want to have a 'sugar' cookie. Then go for it!

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    The cinnamon gives the cookie its taste. If you use brown sugar it will be more like a sugar cookie. Do you have some frosting or some colored sugar crystals that you could use instead of the brown sugar in place of the cinnamon? The brown sugar would be OK, but it will not be a Snicker-doodle without the cinnamon.

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    I think you might lose something by making a snikerdoodle without cinnamon. It's kinda of the signature flavor of the cookie itself. If you were to roll them in brown sugar, the bottoms may caramelize too much and you may end up with burned cookies. I would postpone your snickerdoodle making until you have the cinnamon.

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    You can certainly substitute the brown sugar for cinnamon, but it will change the cookies - they will be more like sugar cookies than snickerdoodles - also make sure to take them out before they brown, so they stay nice and chewy, and not overcook.

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    Substitute with white sugar instead and make sugar cookies.

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