What can I do/take to prevent airplane nausea?

I have heard dramamine makes you tired, I don't know too much about travella ( http://www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk/body-soul/t... ) or if they can even deliver to the US by August 11th, and I don't know if the sea band or bio band is for motion sickness or morning sickness (I am not pregnant, I'm just flying a plane).

Any help appreciated. If you can tell me where to get a particular product, that would be helpful. :]

(Its a nine-passanger airplane, and I get motion sickness easily)


I'm flying Cape Air

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    there is a non drowsy Dramamine and its avaliable at most supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.

  • 4 years ago

    The Greeks used pink wine for sea ailment. relax in line with risk some tunes and look forward on your trip spot. whether the wine does no longer artwork you will no longer care so have a pitcher. Drink an excellent form of water will ward off headache and dehydration. additionally take a mega dose of nutrition C till now hand with the intention to no longer p.c.. up a chilly in the time of the flight. additionally take convenience that a expert team is working the plane. And a the two and in line with risk harder working expert team retains it in ideal working concern. Air shuttle is safer than your vehicle for the comparable distance. related to TSA keep away from the scanners undesirable to your wellbeing. chuffed Landings! Jeff

  • 1 decade ago

    to prevent nausea dont fly with quantas air. theyve had to ground another plane last night due to the landing gear doors unable to close. and this happens 2 days after another of thier planes plunged 6000m before making an emergancy landing with a 3 square metre hole in its side lol

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    They make a non-drowse formula of Dramamine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to your doctor and get a prescription for Zofran or reglan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    chew gum xD

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