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Is this a good HIIT workout?

I do it on the treadmill. My current HIIT routine looks like this:

5-7 minute warm up jogging at 5-6 mph.

After that I go do some resistance training for 15-20 minutes.

Then I get back to the treadmill and do another 5 minute warm up. 4 are jogging and the last one is walking. Then I start my intervals. Run at 9 mph for 1 minute and walk at 3 mph for 1 minute and repeat several times until the timer gets around 20-22 minutes. After that I cool down for 3-5 minutes at walking pace.

I do this 3 times a week now because I over trained my leg muscle. I was doing it 4 times a week and I ran at 10-12 mph instead of 9. I am going to gradually increase the speed when I feel it's right. Does this sound like an effective HIIT workout?

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