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How or where do i start when I'm trying 2 get heathy?

I have gain a few extra pounds and i'm trying to get back heath so can someone tell me the firs step or help me out of something?

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    Portion Control

    Plenty of Water




    Follow the Food Pyramid

    See a Nutritionist

    Lay of the Junk Food

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    do light-weight resistance exercises. They use light weights (under 15 pounds of resistance) or those exercise bands.

    Plates and yoga dont often don't use resistance and they involve lots of repetition and that can be draining and tiresome. Try pulling some band while watching Tv or doing some push ups. maybe 10 minutes a day- but focus on the workout and do as much as you feel comfortable/ yet engaged and do enough to feel the burn.

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    Start eating healthy vegetables , lean meats , fruits and drink plenty of water and exercise.

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    eat healthily get rid of junk food, hit the gym, go for runs

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