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Help me! please answer this question?

im 12 ,im a girl and im super bored i called all my friends and there busy its 6:15 at night and i dont know what to do i really need somehthing fun to do. please use good details. and no sarcasm i need a good answer

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    chat online- Safty first

    read books-good ones I mean

    draw-express your self


    listen to music

    imagine about thing, like what you wanna be or your dream boy(it's mii fav,it works all the time)

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    I have a 10 year old son and he complains of being bored . I tell him too go pick out one of the 100's of books we have and read and he ignores me...too.

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    Read a book, draw a picture, make dinner for you folks, if you have a dog take it for a walk. I don't know, maybe watch a movie.

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    clean your room

    cook dinner

    do something nice for your parents

    pamper yourself!! warm bubb,e bath, mani, and petti

    try a new hair style


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