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Breaking dawn costume help?

I am 5'4, green eyes (But I hav eblue contacts),and pastey white, But I can tan if I need to.

I want to be Bella, but I also want to be differnt.

Help?!?!?!?!?!?!? Please and thanks!


Ihave medium pink hair, and I cant change that b4 the release, but its ok.

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    dont tan if you want to be bella cause she is half albino.. so very good! haha

    but if you could, try getting hazel brown contacts.. not blue.

    if you want to be bella.. it will be sort of hard to be different cause a LOT of girls are dressing up as bella....

    so some ways you can dress is :

    wear a long khaki skirt and a blue shirt put your hair up ) straighten it) in a pony tail and wear a baseball hat

    that is what she wore when she first met Edward's parents and family


    wear a brownish winterish jacket, a white plain shirt from forever 21 (they have a lot of cute shirts, but dont get anything to showy cause she is i guess sort of like a loner and she doesnt wear stuff to stand out)

    and wear cute darkish jeans with some cuts in it :)


    you could wear a blue shirt and jeans and a cute rain coat

    ( that is something i think she wore when Edward said he likes the color blue on her)

    here are some pics so you can get ideas :

    ( look at the shirt and type of pants she is wearing)

    sorry i couldnt find much!!! :)

    but hope i helped!!!

    have FUN!

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    if u wanna be bella, the no tan thing is good. long thick brown hair, and a pretty medium blue top is good. very very very light makle up, or non at all. jeans or a skirt. and brown eyes. or you can go look up one of the crazy outfits alice dresses bella in in fanfic, or wear the wedding dress


  • Well if you have a blue dress you can wear that look it up in the book and maybe you can find one of her everyday kind of outfits. But I would stick with Blue because Edward likes that color on her.

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    If you HAVE to wear contacts that night, try to get clear contacts to have green eyes, definitely (to be different; green is also a great color), and dress sorta sporty, but stay white.

    My suggestion.

    Hope I helped!

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