At what point in your cycle do u take prometrium?

I have irregular periods so 7 months ago doc prescribed prometrium to start my periods. I take it every 30 days after a -HPT. should i be taking it on the same cds or just every 30 days??? i cant figure out whether i ovulate or not so i dont know wut to do. im without insurance right now thats mainly y im asking all of u!!!

heres my chart:

thanks for ur input and suggestions!!!


i hope the link to my chart works!! ive never added my chart before. if it doesnt work anyone know how i do it??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    No matter when you take Prometrium , it will make you bleed when you do not ovulate but won't help you ovulate. It will not improve your chances getting pregnant at all. In order to get pregnant you need to ovulate first, and prometrium will not be any help getting you to ovulate.

  • sue
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    1 decade ago

    link not working but ive never used it either so sorry cant help there

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