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Moving To Texas In October?

I have plans to move to Mesquite, TX in October.......and I was wondering what the area was like and TEXAS overall? I live in ohio right now so if you could compare texas and ohio and give me the differences that would be great. I will be 18 and this will be my first apartment and I was wondering what all do I need to do to get ready for the move?

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    I've lived in Dallas suburbs for many years, and have a friend who moved here from Ohio and after 8 years moved back to Ohio. They thought the people were friendly, the economy was good, jobs relatively easy to get, no state income tax, but they just never got used to the heat in summer. We keep in touch by email daily, and it's just what you're used to because when she tells me it's been down in the 60's at night and high's are in the 80's and it's July, well that doesn't sound like summer to me. We were already wearing shorts when they got their last snowfall. If we get any snow it will be an inch or 2 and gone the next day. So you'll definitely see a difference in the weather. You'll probably also notice a difference in the foods that are popular here, because of the Mexican infulence. But unless you go to the Mesquite rodeo or to Billy Bob's in Ft Worth you won't see any cowboys. Since Texas is a very big state it is very different from region to region. In the big cities like Dallas/Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio things are like any major city -- big buildings, heavy traffic, crime in some areas, cosmopolitian feel. West Texas is even hotter, dry and you're much more likely to see cowboys. East Texas is very green with lots of pine trees. The area just west of Austin is Hill country -- rural and beautiful. Around the Dallas Ft Worth area there are a lot of lakes for water sports. On the gulf coast -- Corpus Christi, Galvestan, Padre Island you'll find sandy beaches & great fishing. You're sure to find what you're looking for some place in Texas.

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    I use to live in mesquite tx and i loved it. Reason being was the place were i lived which was driftwood dr had everything really close by. There was a pool club, and lots of famous restaurants like hooters really close by. I could actually walk there especially to the pool club. The best part was that i didn't have to drive back home drunk. There is a nice mall there too as well called Town east mall and there are a whole bunch of stores around that area...there is also a 24 hr fitness close by. There are some good community colleges close by. There is Eastfield college which is ok looking but is only like 5-10 minutes away if you are driving and Richland college is 15-20 minutes away depending on traffic. I think Richland college is the best cause there are so many people from different countries there and the school looks really good for a community college. You are 18 i am sure you will want to start college soon and a community college is a good way to go cause its cheap. If you ever have the need to go to Dallas you can drive there and depending on traffic it will only take you 15-20 minutes. The place where i lived at wasn't really country and to be honest with you i never dealt with any racism. I am black by the way.

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    Emily has obviously never been to Texas, nor does she know anything about it. It's not hot and humid in the winter here. You will see snow occasionally in Dallas. But yes, it is extremely hot and humid right now (like 105!). And no, there aren't cowboys everywhere. People who have never been to Texas seem to have that visual, but people look just like they do everywhere else in the US (well will see some rednecks here and there.) Mesquite is a nice place. I think you will find the people overall generally friendly. Sorry I can't compare Texas to Ohio because I've never been to Ohio.

    How exciting that this will be your first apartment! Welcome to Texas and good luck with your move!

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    I used to live in Cleveland before moving to Dallas. It's a huge change in regards to the weather. It's currently hot as heck (105) and it rarely snows. When it does snow, it doesnt last nearly as long as it does up north. I am not to familar with the Mesquite area but if it's like where I am, everything is closer together and tons of shopping and dining. Good luck with the move.

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    I don't know anything about Ohio, but you can bet it will be hotter! We are not hot in the winter however. We get really cold and sometimes ice and snow. You will be getting here at one of the best times of the year. The State Fair will be starting and temps will be cooler. Texas is mostly friendly, but the DFW is like any big city in that we have plenty of traffic and some areas are bad with crime. Texas is wonderful though! Good luck with your move, and welcome to Texas!

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    You're in for a big change. Mesquite is a pretty stereotypical southern, Texan town. You're going to run into a lot more racism and ignorance than you're used to.

    Mesquite is very country, they have the rodeo and the schools even offer rodeo electives (bullriding, etc.)

    It's close enough to Dallas that you won't be completley secluded, Dallas is a very big city and offers lots of interesting things to do/see.

    As for moving, you'll probably need sunscreen... lol

    Investing in some Levis and boots won't do ya any harm neither.


    Good luck!

    lol, Don

    I moved

    I was born and raised in Dallas and livED there until I was 14. I went to MHE, HPPM and WWJH

    Then I moved to Florida to live with my mother.

    You're a funny one!

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    The weather will be cooling off in October.

    Mesquite is a suburb of Dallas on the east side of town.

    Dallas is a large metropolitan area.

    Depending where you live determines how different here is from there.

    There are better parts of town and once you are here you can look around as to where you really want to live.

    The people are basically friendly and the only thing you need to do to get ready for the move is pack your clothes.

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    The winters will be more moderate here that in Ohio. But, if you like snow you are going to really miss it when you move here. Plus, the summer's can be brutal, but the month of August is a real killer as far as heat and humidity go.

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    We dont get snow often but a few ice storms. Right now we are in a heat alert. Very dry, 105. By October it will be very pleasant but warm afternoons. Kids go school with jackets and don't need on way home. If you have to pay own electric ask around for good rate. I am currently with TXU. I use ATT phone and computer , cell service.(combine bill) Might like to contact Chamber of Commence for any more info they can send you. I will get you more contact numbers if you need. WELCOME

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    Never lived in Texas, nor would I want to.... The heat and the humidity even in the winter time, at least the way I picture it, wouldn't be somewhere I want to be... Also I picture all cowboys/rodeo stuff... Definitely gonna be a huge jump from Ohio... Good luck and hope you enjoy it.... I would still look for an apartment closer to you now, unless your looking for a really hot climate

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