A7x screaming?

Does any one know some videos when they were screaming in some of their songs, and maybe why they stopped?

Did the singer tear his vocal cords?

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    No, he stopped because they wanted to get more radio friendly and be able to become a bigger band and more widely known.

    Unfortunately for bands who have lots of screaming, they don't get very much radio play, thus nobody knows them as well as another band on the radio and they don't sell more albums, get better record deals or make as much money.

    All they're doing is trying to become a bigger better band.

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    theres isnt many songs with avenged sevenfold screaming..you could try burn it down?

    sounding the seventh trumpet and waking the fallen has a lot of m shadows screaming. if you check out art of subcioncious illusions..you will here val (m shadows finace) do the screaming as well =]

    yes m shadows does has a special voice and really has to take care of it..but the whole wrecking his vocals and having to sing melodious? lol..thats just a rumour..when the realsed sounding the sevethn trumpet they told their record label that when they realse their next album they are gonna start singing a little bit more of the song untill finally they have one album an its full of them singing =]

    Source(s): access all areas dvd and a fan =]
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    Yes, M. Shadows did tear his vocal cords and had to have surgury. Thus, he doesnt scream that much in his songs.

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    actually the larynx imploded, the vocal cords wrapped around the trachea and strangled the esophagus

    Source(s): come to my church next Sunday. The preacher does a lot of screaming. sort of like videos of Rev. Wright. I get a laugh out of it. we need more screamers on this earth
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    matt shadows never tears his vocals (L).

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