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furniture made to proportion of user, wood frame, shipped in a box, choose wood and fabric- need name of store

need name of store to order online!

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    tough question

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    this is a question that realy interests me, i work in construction here in the UK, and there are not as many timber frame houses here, the standard is a cavity wall built with a 4 inch concrete wall a 4 inch cavity and either a brick outer skin or a block skin which is rendered, insulation properties are not realy an issue as we live in a relatively cool climate, so the houses are well insulated, as for there being problems with foundations (as mentioned by someone else) this is not the case, foundations for a standard 2 storey house are 9 inches deep, and the higher the house the deeper the footing, i would never consider building with a timber, we are forever seeing news stories about hurricanes and tornado's in the states, with houses wiped out, and huge piles of timber, a block house would stand a much better chance against severe weather. if i were you, i would use block, but at the end of the day it comes down to cost.

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