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what's wrong with me?

Lately I've been feeling funny. One week, I've been having this nausea feeling, then Im paranoid about my weight cause I dropped a few pounds, but its not major, and now I been feeling like crying and all that mess. Im not depressed about anything. I just been having these notions lately. Can anyone fill me in on what's wrong here?

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    From what you have said, it sound like you may be suffering from depression. Thats the thing, theres nothing inparticular your sad about, but u just always are. You need to see you doctor, being sad all the time is no qaulity of life. Try walking, getting some fresh air, taking hot baths etc. Every single person in the world, at some point suffers from depression. it may last 5 days or 5 years. If you can get your hands on a councellor it'll do you wonders.

    Good Luck x

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    If you're female, is there any chance that you're pregnant?

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