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I don't know why but google cannot be displayed on my computer, i dont know why because every other website out there can be viewed. When I try to visit google it just takes a long time to load and in the end it does not display the page. I checked to make sure that the address is correct and it is so I don't know what the problem is, anyone know what it could be?


I actually have tried it on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and safari and it won't display the page

Update 2:

yes, every other web site opens except google =(

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    Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox? If Firefox I'll check with a friend who had a problem with it to see if she resolved the issue or if she simply switched to I.E. when opening Google.

    Don, Toronto


    Neither of the addresses Agatha posted work but every other website opens?


    This is a little dated but if you're using a wired router perhaps it applies.

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    Try going to the following address and let us know how you make out. I had the same problem some time ago but it seemed to correct itself and I still don't know how or why. After going to the following address it was ok.


    Actually all problems ceased after I installed the toolbar although one shouldn't need to install it to visit their site. I use their search engine all the time so like the toolbar anyway. All I keep is the search window open.

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