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Tonight's Monday Night Raw Preview?

Does anybody know how long after Raw has gone off air that the torrent will be out at xtremewrestlingtorrents ??


1.Do you think tonight is when we will find out about the whole Kane bag thing or will it continue till Summerslam??

2.Who will be the NEW Raw general manager??

William Regal's suspension ended last week but I would be really unhappy if he was GM again.

I doubt it will be Shane but I would love if it was.

There is nobody else for the job,is there?

Please don't say Eric Bischoff,as I would like him to do the job again it just does not look like it would happen.

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    There have been a lot of rumors going around that Matt Stryker may be the new GM, as he is great on the mic.

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    i read on www.wrestlezone.com that

    1The kane thing will be reveiled at Summerslam

    2Ric Flair is gonna be the new GM

    Also Shane and Steph added 9 more months to the Regal Supension also he will NEVER be in wwe again

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    i have no suits yet you may assume a war of words between Batista, Chris Jericho, and Shawn Michaels. it truly is what i comprehend, in accordance to wrestlezone, there'll be some comedy bits this evening which includes 1 on the topic of Charlie Hass. that is going to probable bring about a tournament.

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    1.Not tonight. Summerslam ;)


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  • .Rar
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    1-maybe at summerslam

    2-i think it will be regal but i want flair or rowdy piper for the job

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    Kane has his old mask in his bag. "The big red michine is still alive."

    2. I think its very probable that it will be Hacksaw as new GM

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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Nature Boy Ric Flair the Limosine Ridin'Jet Flyin'Kiss-Stealin'Wheelin'Dealin'Son-of a Gun

    *******************Ric Flair************************


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    ok i will tell you later tonight

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