I'm scared i'm starting middle school i dont know what to expect please explain what it will be like 10 points


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    Middle school is not that bad. I'm not saying that to calm you down, either. It's really not as bad as some people make it seem. The first few days may seem a little hard, but after that, they just keep getting easier. Don't be intimidated by the 7th and 8th graders, it's like their jobs to torture you. Everything will be fine, just DO NOT talk back to the older kids cause they will make your middle school life miserable if you do, i guarantee you. But other than that, it's easy. Classes are really easy and just enjoy it. Soon you'll look back and 6th grade and think: "I can't believe i was worried about this"

    good luck and have loads of fun!

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    you and 10,000 other students are starting middle school this year in your area.

    You are not alone. Once you get there, you'll find that you are actually not the most worried one in the bunch.

    it's gonna be just fine. time for a little change of location and schedule.

    I, personally, immigrated to Canada and my first day of school was the first day of middle school (grade 7). i didn't know the language and didn;t know a single soul in the entire school!

    I now go to university of Waterloo with good grades, plenty of friends and lead a happy satisfying life. (applying to med school can be stressful though sometimes) ;)

    dont worry and just tell yourself that you are going to shine :)

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    for me...i actually think i enjoyed

    it more than elementary...

    the only differences i can think of were:

    1) moving between 45 min classes

    2) changing books every 2 classes

    3) different teachers for different classes

    that expect different things from you

    4) and we had option, so you got to choose 1 class

    not huge changes...it doesn't take long to get used to it

    Good Luck xD

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    middle school is easy, it's nothing bad, high school isn't as bad as i thought it would be either, just have fun and don't slack off in class :D

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    there is nothing to worry about just keep it kool and try to make many frends if u need any more help just send me something no worries. (-=

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    You're scared of school, but not of a psycho killer clown?

  • You have lockers and more classes. I feel so old now

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    lockers, different classes, its not that bad

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