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Do you have to pre-order a book in order to get Breaking Dawn?

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    If you want to get it on the day it's released, you should reserve a copy at the store.

    That way you're guarenteed to get it even if they sell out.

    If you pre-order it, you're guarenteed to get it but usually they don't come the day it's released.

    [Every time I've pre-ordered a book, I get it a few days after it's released.]

    Most stores will probably sell out because of the release parties, so if you want Breaking Dawn on August 2nd, reserving a copy is the best option.

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    To be guaranteed that you'll get a copy on the release date? Yes.

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    no you can just go to your local bookstore they will for sure have tons of copies oh and it comes out this saturday august 2nd

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    1 decade ago

    not really if u want to get u just get it

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