Band, Singers Amplifier and or Speaker?....?

Im the singer of my band. What type of equipment do i need for live shows and rehearsals?? Amps? speakers??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To be honest, it depends on where you are playing,

    If you are like the band i play with you really don't need much.

    I'm assuming each band member has his/her own amps, etc.

    You will need a microphone for each vocalist, wired...dont bother with wireless.

    A mic for each amp, if you want to mic them, in my opinion if your just starting out you really dont need to bother with this.

    At the very least 2 PA speakers, if you want to be serious and have some cash, go for 2 PA units, and 2 Subs.

    And a monitor for each person, or 2 monitors to cover your play areas (depends on taste), these monitors and the PA systems and the Subs (if you get these) will each need there own amp.

    You will also need the cabling to run between all of these.

    And finally, a mixer(Atleast an 8 Channel portable unit).

    You will need a "sound guy/girl" to help you set-up, and run this system duringg your shows.

    Hope this helps at least alittle,

    Good luck getting started, hope you keep with it...

    p.s. I have ordered from for years...

    they are cheap,reliable, and just good to work with.

    Also, eBay is a very viable option if you want super-cheap and still reliable.

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    4 years ago

    you are able to study approximately sound and hooking up audio kit. i'm incredibly particular that by making use of messing around like that, you have have been given some impedance mismatches, and are probably going to break something.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need a microphone and a PA system

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