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Why do i keep thinking of him?

I broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year and a half because he was an as*hole. its a long story but i feel like he just never cared about me. i gave him everything i have and i feel like he spit it right out and gave it back to me. now he is talkin to this other girl and inside i feel jealous. i say i am over him and i deserve way better but he keeps comming to my mind, i dont want him back at all because it wont work but why do i keep thinking of him when i want to be over him??

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    i know how you feel.

    it's hard, but just keep yourself busy.

    go to the movies with friends, go to the mall with your friends and check out hot guys/ or go shopping.

    it's very hard to get over someone you were with for so long, and loved for that matter.

    but you'll meet someone new who treats you like a princess.

    like my favorite quote says "good things come to those who wait"

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    You went out with him a year and a half. What you had with him was real and you can't just forget about it over night. It will take sometime to get over and heal.

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    deepinside u really like him but on the outside u want to act like u dont care for he doesnt think ur weird! find someone new, trust me if u find someone better, u will regret even thinking about the other guy! i have a story simular to that.


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    Date other guys?

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    because even though you want to be over him you aren't. It's hard to just get over someone.

    plz help

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