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Algebra help !?

please show all steps!

1. Simplify the expression


2. Find the product and simplify if possible.

√15 x √ 75

3. Simplify or add if possible

√3 + 5√27 + 3 √300

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    1. Think of square root signs as radicals, that is another name for them. You want to "free" numbers from under the radical sign. When you free it, it comes out, and sometimes there is a radical sign left over, and sometimes not. The square root of 16 is 4, you freed the 4, it comes out. The square root of 49 is 7, it comes out, no radical sign left. The answer is 4/7.

    2. Now you are looking for perfect squares under the radical sign, remember, you are looking to free numbers. There are no perfect squares in the s.r. of 15. Leave it for now. What is the perfect square in radical 75? 25. So under the radical sign you rewrite s.r. 75 as: 25x 3 (not an x actually, a dot for multiplication). You are ready to do some freeing: The square root of 25 is 5, it comes out from under the radical sign, but the 3 stays under. Then you have 5 square root of 15 times the square root of 3, which = 5 square root 45. Almost done, you are always looking for perfect squares under the radical sign. In 45 you have the perfect square of 9. Rewrite s.root 45 to: square root of 9 times the square root of 5, all under the square root, (radical sign). Take out the s.r. of 9, it is 3, remember your old friend the 5? multiply it times the 3 you just freed, the final answer is 15 square root of 5. I will answer the last one if you like what you see so far.

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    √(16/49) = 4/7

    √15 x √75 = 15√5

    √3+5√27+3√300 = 46√3

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    #1. easy done on a graphing calculator, like a texas instruments TI-83.

    #2. This is homework hheellpp. not free homework problems pass.

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