how do you put on lipstick?


i have my cousin saying i don't know how??

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    open your mouth like your yawning (it doesnt have to be that big though lol) and put it on your lips just like you would with chapstick except more carefull on the top, apply 2 coats than lightly close your lips on a paper towell, than (this is optional) apply a clear or slightly tinted lipgloss on top.

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    start at the top lip. if you choose to use a liner use that first, starting at the center of the top lip and work toward the corner, carefully trace the very edge where your lips turn pink, (if you want to make your lips look bigger you can go over that line a little, but don't go crazy or you will look like a clown) open your mouth as if you were about to take a spoonfull of soup(not crazy big, but enough to see where the pink stops in the corners, try not to go over the pink there or it will look sloppy.

    then do the same with the bottom. center to edge.

    Then you can fill in the fleshy part with a slightly lighter shade, and blend with a finger tip.

    take a piece of tissue and fold it in half, place the tissue between your lips and press them together. this will blot away the excess for a more natural finish.

    also if you have white eyeshadow, with your finger dab a teensy bit onto the center of your bottom lip for a cute effect.

    oh also... this will sound funny but place your finger in your mouth just to the end of your first knuckle, close your lips around it and slide your finger out.. any lipstick that would be on your teeth is now on your finger where you can wipe it up easily with makeup remover.

    play around when you have time and have fun with it.

  • First you want to line your lips with either a lip liner or whatever shade of lipstick you want to use (note: shape your lips when lining them), second fill them in with the color of lipstick you want (note: add gloss here if you think necessary). Third to keep your lipstick from feathering out take a small angled brush or just a small brush and some powder that matches your skin shade and line around your lips then blend it in with the rest of your face. And woo hoo! You're done!

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    you put it on the center of the bottom lip (so that it doesn't go into the corners). Then you highlight the top part of your lip (you know, where it makes the V).

    But seriously, I could do this perfectly by the time I was seven. And I was an UTTER tomboy. How is it that you DON'T know how to do that...

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    You open the lipstick and make your lips like your kissing. Then put it on your lips like your wiping your lips.

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    you look in a mirror.. and put the lipstick on your lips.

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    you look in a mirror and put it on your lips

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    u look in a mirrior.

    it helps me if i smile while i put it on that way it dosnt look as smudged.

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