What Songs Did 10 Years Play at Projekt Revolution?

I Went to Projekt Revolution July 18th at the Post-Gazette Pavilion in PA and I heard '10 Years' for the first time. They were absolutely insane. Best performance of the day (Besides Atreyu.) I was wondering what songs they played specifically so I can get them on iTunes. The only song I recognized was 'Beautiful' from their most recent album. They played several songs and I just wanted to know if anyone caught them. Thanks.

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    I just saw them last night in Birmingham for the third time. It wasn't part of the Projekt Revolution tour, but I would think it would be the same song line-up, since they are still in the middle of the tour. They were really awesome! The venue was tiny and not completely crowded. We were literally standing in front of them. I love them! I actually took a picture of the song order that they had taped to the floor for the band to see....yea, I was THAT close. Here's what it was:

    Russian Roulette


    All your Lies

    Cast it out

    Paralizing Kings


    Just can't win


    Drug of Choice


    Actions and Motives

    So long Goodbye (which Jesse said was their next single)

    Autumn Effect

    Waking up


    Hope that helps you!

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    1 decade ago

    i went to projekt revolution on july 23rd at PNC Bank Arts Center and that was the first time i've heard them as well...i absolutley loved them!! they were awesome!! i actually just went out and bought their two albums the autumn effect and division...

    the songs that i can actually remember are:

    beautiful, wasteland, drug of choice, picture perfect, and russian roulette

    i'm sure they played basically the same songs!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here is their link to their Myspace their two biggest hits are Beautiful and Wasteland. Good band btw.


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