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(girls only) what do you think?

of airline pilots vs wall street businessmen ok whick one would you rather date girls ages 18- 30 please just know both would be rich (millionaires)) make around the same much money lets say 500k a year to be safe but upwards of 10MM a year around the age of 35. Pilots travel alot? girls like travelling is this cool etc.. please help considering career options dont want to be single for life LOL

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    I feel sorry for you, you have a lot to learn.

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    Deppends on the girl hunny.

    I mean, I'd like to travel. Some don't.

    But really? You'll have many girlfriends once they find out you have money. Its hard to find the right one now a'days.

    I'd go with the businessman. Not big for the pilot. I mean, as much as i want to travel, i also want my man to be with me.

    True that businessmen must travel at times but not all the time wich is alright with me.

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    I'm female, married, 22 years old.

    I would go for someone that is going to make you happy. If you find a wall street man that makes you happy and treats you great and you are in love with. go for him. And same thing goes for the pilot. Even if you meet a janitor, if you love him and he make you happy it doesn't matter how much money he makes. If you marry someone for a luxury lifestyle, but there is no love, you will not get everything you where put on the earth to experience.

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    well pilot, you can travel and some girls like to travel, but some girls dont and wouldnt want you to be away from home all the time.

    businessmen can get really caught up in work and not have enough time for their girl, but if you think you can juggle work and keep a steady relationship without cheating or anything.

    i would go with businessmen.

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    I would choose the guy who treats me the best. It doesnt matter who makes more money he could be a millionare and end up treating you like sh*t . The right girl isnt going to want to be with you bacause you make alot of money. or by how much money you have. Dont choose a career based on what women would want!!! Pick the career that will make YOU happy .. Im sure you wont be single forever. Be yourself and the rest falls into place

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    Wall Street Businessman.

    Watching United93 scarred me for life.

    But regardless of whatever job he had, I would not want to date someone who had planned out his job on the basis of whether or not he would have a wife in the future.

    I'd admire a guy who went for his dreams, I admire/am attracted to a guy with passion. And any guy like that would win my heart.

    Of course, there are always those superficial women who only want to marry a rich guy and could careless about values and personality.

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    well i really could care less about the money...but

    if it came down to pilot vs. buisness man i would choose the wall street guy b/c i would want to be able to see my man (traveling is cool but who wants to marry someone who they see every other week?)

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    I would do whatever makes you happy. Girls would notice if you hate your job, and if you enjoy your job, there is more to talk about. I wouldn't base your career on a girl.

    And money isn't always a turn-on for girls, definitely not for me.

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    You should choose a career choice that makes you happy.

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    I pity you. Good luck with life you really need it.

    Maybe thinking about something more worthwile would help you get somewhere in life.

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