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Have YOU ever been cheated on?

it drives me nuts and fuels my rage. Makes my blood boil and causes so much anger in me every time i think about it. I don't why I can't get over it?

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    I was cheated on once and it broke my heart, but in the end, I beleive it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I would have never broken up with my ex, but him cheating made me see the chinks in his armor. I started to realize, he wasn't perfect for me. I would have never met the love of my life if he didn't cheat on me. So in fact, I'm thankful it happened.

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    yes my bf cheated on me w/ a girl named sara. my name is sara too. so when he had i<3 sara all over his myspace i didn't think a thing about it. we dated for 4 months and the whole time he was also w/ her. i guess i really should have noticed though. like when i would call his house and his mom would answer. and say sara i told u five min ago he wasn't home. i just thought she was forgetful or something. but u'll get over it trust me. :)

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    I have been cheated on so many times from guys that's its' not even worth the anger!


  • rkrell
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    1 decade ago isn't worth the energy it takes to be upset over it. Life goes on and your better off without them. It was their mistake and their loss.

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    yea ive been cheated on, but it dont bother me like that, cuz if i got cheated on now, id just move on with life.

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    i have been cheatedd on he was making out with like 10 different girls i cheated on him back and told him and moveddd on

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