what is the best yubel format to kill a Dad deck?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have found that having all three forms with just yubel on the Field helps. with mine I keep 2 yubels and 2 the terror incarnate in my deck with three limit reverses. Basically I throw yubel and doom shaman into my graveyard with foolish burial, Armageddon knight or dark greffer and swing of memories doom shaman, normal summon him on the same turn special summon yubel. lay down a limit revers and end your turn. in the end fase doom shaman gets destroyed along with yubel and out comes the terror incarnate. if your opponent tries to destroy the terror incarnate the ultimate nightmare comes out. then if he/she destroys that you have limit revers to summon yubel. then he has to remove from play another three dark monsters and it is unlikely that they have that many it the graveyard already. next turn if they decided not to destroy the first yubel turn it to defense mode to destroy it( limit reverses effect). bring out the terror incarnate and in the end fase destroy the dad. if they bring out more than it helps to have another two copies of limit reverse in your deck. hope that helped.

  • ilise
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    4 years ago

    that's what i could use. Monsters: (3 of each and every for total of 30) Yubel Yubel- Terror Incarnate Yubel-the suited Nightmare Penguin Soldier Poison Mummy Hane Hane Des Koala Mystic Tomato Yomi deliver the sorrowful Maiden Traps: (3 each and each for a complete of 15) suited offering in basic terms cakes Nightmare Archfiends Scrap Iron Scarecrow Token Feastevil Spells: (3 each and each for a complete of 9) Lightning Vortex Double Summon Ookazi

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think there is because dad will destroy the yubels with its effect not attack them but try to find a way to beat it

    hope that helps

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