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getting a rabbit?

ok, yesterday my best friends rabbit had 4 babys, and shes asked if I would take one and I said yes. They are lop eared rabbits and arn't tiny. So I have an idea of what I need to get started with it cause I have owned 2 rabbits before but I had to get rid of them because it was a very busy time in my life. Now I have more time, the only time in the week when I can't really be with them is Mondays and my dad is home all day on monday so he can give them food water and let it out ect.. But what should I need for an indoor rabbit, I have a cage, but its painted metal,is that dangerous for a rabbit if it chewed it? I'm not really sure if I will litter train it or not, I have two cats but they've never had problems with my rabbits before, they didn't bother it. I know I can give them regular walmart brand food when they're grown but is there any food in paticular I'll need for it as it grows? What kind of vaccinations will I have to get for it and do I need a vet who specializes in rabbits



Do I need to get it anything in paticular for it to sleep on, is cedar chips that you get in pet stores alright, if I do plan on litter training it do I need a special litter box for it or can it just be a cat litter box?

Any info you can give me is much appreciated :D

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    Favorite Answer should answer most of your questions.

    As for diet, you'll want to feed a high-quality pellet. When he's a baby, he can have as much as he'll eat. Young rabbits should get alfalfa-based pellets, but as he gets older, you'll need to switch him over to timothy-based pellets and start limiting the quantity. I'm not familiar with the Walmart brand, but make sure you read the ingredients before using it. Avoid anything that has seeds or colored crunchies in it.

    He'll also need unlimited timothy hay. For now, he's a little too young to start eating veggies, but when he's an adult, they'll be an important part of his diet. has lots of info and will explain what to feed him at different stages of his life.

    When he's old enough, make sure to get him neutered! It'll make him easier to litter train and he'll be much friendlier.

    As for litter training, it's pretty easy. It can be difficult with a baby, intact rabbit, but when he's a neutered adult, it'll be a lot easier. I have an adult male rabbit who uses his litterbox more reliably than my cats do! You can use a regular plastic cat box, but instead of regular clay cat litter, use either aspen shavings, paper-based litter, or even just newspaper. On top, put a thick layer of hay. I just use newspaper and hay and it works fine.

    Generally rabbits in the US aren't vaccinated, but rabbits in some other countries are - it depends where you live. You will need to get him neutered, though, and yes, you need a vet that has lots of experience with rabbits. Info on finding a good vet:

    I wouldn't recommend letting him stay with your cats unsupervised, but he'll definitely benefit from lots of out-of-cage time, maybe in a room with a closed door to keep the cats out.

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    Well...if they are babies right now you should still let them be with their mother for a while it realy doesnt matter if their big babies or small ones. And if you want to litter train it you should go to the vet and get it spayed if its a girl and neutered if its a guy it will make your Job tons easier too. and for the bedding i dont exactly think cedar chips are good for them because if they inhale them they will have lung problems. And i am kind of scared because of the cats.... they may have not bothered the other two but since the one you are getting IS just a baby it kind of helpless and it wont be able to protect itself maybe your cats wont be too comftrable with a new pet in the house because when the new bunny comes It will obviously need alot of attention and so will your cats .

    Source(s): Rabbit owner for three yrs (Also had a cat before)
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    I have a rabbit who had this challenge, and the vet defined that a few rabbits have a smaller-than-average beginning from the cecum. This can reason cecal subject to get sponsored-up and stay too lengthy within the cecum, which factors average cecotropes to show to mush. (Cecotropes are the softer cluster-like droppings that a rabbit regularly eats as facet of average digestion however is not able to once they emerge as smooth.) These rabbits desire a nutrition even better in fiber than so much rabbits with the intention to preserve matters relocating via. To resolve the challenge to begin with, feed the rabbit limitless grass hay just for a couple of days or till the droppings are again to average (and of direction water perpetually). Personally, I don't suggest giving oats due to the fact I learned that oats have been contributing to my rabbit's challenge (due to the fact of the prime carbohydrate content material). Once it clears up, you'll begin to feed pellets once more, however stick with simple pellets best with not anything combined in (no seeds, nuts, dried fruit, colourful bits, and so forth.). If your rabbit maintains to have issues, it could support to change to a timothy-founded pellet, equivalent to: Oxbow Bunny Basics-T or American Pet Diner Timmy pellets. Always difference pellets step by step. If the stipulations remains transparent, you'll step by step begin including contemporary vegetables again into the nutrition. Add separately in a small quantity to begin with and be certain every style does not reason a challenge. But do not deliver the rabbit any sugary or starchy treats equivalent to carrots, culmination, or something with grains or breads due to the fact those rabbits ordinarily can not manage the extra sugars and carbs. If, at any time, the droppings emerge as very watery or the rabbit is not consuming, consuming, stops generating any of the average difficult circular droppings, or turns into dehydrated or torpid, take her again to the vet instantly. She would possibly want sub-q fluids or different drugs or remedies. If you wish to have a moment opinion, the countrywide House Rabbit Society has a record of rabbit-savvy veterinarians indexed at the internet site for every state. If none are indexed on your field, you'll appear within the phone book for exotics vets and phone round. Ask in the event that they deal with rabbits and what number of and the way generally. Also take a look at calling consistent cat and puppy vets and ask if they are able to suggest a rabbit professional.

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    I'm getting a bunny too!!! But My stepbrother had a bunny, raised in a painted metal cage. he ate lots of veggies like carrots and lettuce. I thinks it's also good to have a vet too. And litter could be good too.


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