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How do I kill parasites in my frog tank?

I just noticed a bunch of tiny tiny almost transparent little round "bugs" in my fire-bellied toad tank, in the water. I have 3 toads in there and had a sucker fish, but noticed today the sucker fish was dead (he was alive on Saturday). I've never seen those things in there before and wondered if they killed the fish.

But I did use rocks I found at the Boise river to decorate the tank (i boiled them before using them so I thought it would be ok). I also have black algae growing, no matter how much i clean it, it comes back.

Am I causing these problems? Please help!

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    yer dont boil it attracts all kinds of things cuz its warm and go to either a fish pond center or vets and ask them for algae and insect problems they shud give u sum or you need to put plants that float and multiply, such as lily pads and water hyacinths. These will shade the surface of the water and prevent algael growth.

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    i found the hand picked rocks i had in my fish tank were changing my pH in the water the pet store has anti fungal and parasite meds but check your pH also

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