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wrestling question!?

why do some wrestlers not have arm or leg hair?i was just looking at john cena's picture and zoomed in.he doesn't have arm hair.does he shave it?if he does,doesn't that mean he is kinda gay?cause i know that women only shave their arms and legs.it's kind of feminine.

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    Yes, some wrestlers do shave or wax their arms, legs, and chests. They do it because it makes their muscles stand out more, so they look more toned and built. Personally, I like it, because body hair grosses me out, lol.

  • Anonymous
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    well if they wrestle they probably shave so no one will pull there arm/leg hair or if there skin pulls it wont hurt as much...i do kinda think wrestlers are kinda gay or at least most of them are...lol

    almost every other sports player shaves too...espeacially like swimmers because 'it makes them swim faster'

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    i think its because wwe dont want complaints about the guys having arm pit hair or hair while they're in a headlock or something because it generates more sweat and the deodorant is easier to smear on someones face

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    He probably uses hair removal cream. I wouldn't like to wrestle a wrestler when he had sweaty body hair. They do it because it is convenient and easier.

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    no the only gay wrstler in history legitmatley was chris canyon

    and they shave

  • um, i dont actually know, i think it is just to look like some bodybuilder or something, wrestlers are not gay though, exept for rico

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    no men shave it too, ok so you want wrestlers to touch each others back hair and chest hair while they wrestle?! Now thats gay! thunk a little next time

    Pick me best anwser cause i starred

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    hate to say it but they wax EXCEPT the ones who wear pants they dont do anything to their legs like jeff hardy they told him he has to wear pants cuz he refused to wax

    Source(s): my cuzin (lives behind Jeff Hardy
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    it's done as a courties to the other wrestlers, most wrestlers do it

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    dont u think its gayer to touch people's body hair?

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