I have a appraisal business and would like to increase its business?

I have tried all of the normal channels / looking for idea's / how do you get on approved list ? and have them use my company

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My friend was struggling, too. She finally had another appraiser give out her name when that other person was offered 100 appraisals for a lender's repo's. Now she has 40 jobs. I don't think she had to pay a referral fee.

    You will have to meet all the other appraisers in town. They will talk to you. They will hope that someday you may come to work for them.

    Offer to cover their business during their vacations. No one else will offer to do that.

    I own a realty business.

  • bianca
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    1 decade ago

    Try to visit brokers and offer them lower price for your service then competition and of course service is important. The brokers can put you on the approved lender list if they going to use your service

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