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what is better r4ds or m3real?

I Would like to be able to use

1. Gba games,Snes games as well as Ds games


3.musice and videos etc

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    1 decade ago
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    M3 DS Real Perfect is what you need,

    Detail information here:

    Which has GBA expansion can be used to paly GBA games,

    and has strongest media features.

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    1 decade ago

    I have the R4DS and have read review on the M3 Real and it is not all that great compared to the R4DS. Music and Videos, R4DS is in top and I know that the R4DS can play homebrew, SNES, and DS games. I have not looked into GBA games yet. Many people find putting on Videos confusing for both devices so here is a guide:

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    Both is almost the same, but m3 can download more games. I dont think you can get Gba games from either one though.

    And what is Snes and Homebrew?

    Yes, you can download both music and videos in both of them.

    Overall, I suggest you get the m3 because it has more rom. But the R4 has built in cheats.

    Source(s): Have both R4 and M3
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