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Brokeback mtn.?

did jacks wife know he had those flings with ennis?

& when he died did his wife know how he actually died?

its on tv right now, and i got confused.


lol. it ended sorry, but it plays on Bravo! alot

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    Yeah she knew. Throughout the movie she becomes colder to him. And in the end, she knew how he died. I am pretty sure everyone knew how he died.

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    Yea she knew. She found something and it made her sure even though she thought she already knew. Whats funny is that Heath Ledger actually fell in love with his wife in the movie and they got married in real life and had a child. Also they were both nominated 4 academy awards 4 their roles in Brokeback

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    what channel?I'm gonna have a sleepless night again...

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