Keeping your Skin good during summer?

It seems the summer is killing my face, blackheads and such cause of the heat. Anything I can do? I'm using a facial scrub and drinking more water but its not exactly helping. I have been using the scrub for a long time and I know it works pretty well, but it seems the Sun trumps my scrub. What can I do?


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    Get any kind of face wash that has 2% (or higher) salicylic acid (ex. st. ives, aveeno, equate, neutrogena's acne fading peel) and a moisturizer (no oil in them except for safflower oil, which is rare to find) for your skin. Wash your face with water that has 1 or 2 lids of rice vinegar or apple vinegar (that'll get rid of the redness immediately - if you have any). Also, use eggs to fade scars (if you have any) and reduce breakouts. One more thing, for discoloration that occurs because of pimples, mix white toothpaste with a drop or two of rice or apple vinegar. It needs to be creamy and not liquidy. This will get rid of the discolorations in a few days if its new and a week or so if it's old.

    Also, try not to sleep on the side of your face because you can spread more bacteria from the pillow sheet to your face (if you sleep with the same pillow sheet everyday) causing more acne. If you need to sleep on the side of your face, put a towel over your pillow sheet every 1 - 3 days.

    The egg treatment is very effective in getting rid of pimples very fast (usually in under 15 minutes).

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  • salt water always helps to clear up acne and such. just go to the beach a lot or was your face with salt water frequently. also, you can use tea tree oil. that's what i use and it works!!!

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