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Breaking Dawn!! days!!What do u think willl happen in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

I'm way over my head but i just wanna no, Stephine already declared that the wedding takes place, and thta in the end jasper and edward r both happy?What do u think is gonna happen??


Go t her site, her hoem page and it tells u o go to and ull find an interview about it

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Go to

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    l already answered a ? like this so I just copied my answer

    Here is what I think will happen.

    Bella and Edward will get married, So Bella can get her side of the deal, and become a vampire. I think Jacob might come and ruin the wedding, or maybe imprint on someone. Something with the volturi, the will probably come and force Bella to join them, because if she will become a vampire she will probably have a very interesting gift. I'm really curious to see what happens when Bella is becoming a vampire, and how they describe the pain. And I think Emmett will win the bet he has against jasper (how many people Bella will eat in the 1st year)

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    Jake is definitely going to imprint on Tanya.

    It would lead to a vampire-werewolf truce, Jake would get over Bella, Tanya wouldn't be all over Edward, and Bella gets jealous. She deserves it, of course.

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    i think everything will go as planned then tanyas family goes to the wedding they have sex then he turns her he breaks the treaty then the volturri come in theyre pissed about something then tanyas family the cullens including vampire bella and the werewolfs try to fight the volturri and win hopefully some action not all mushy romance and edwardness!!!!

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    when did she say that about jasper and edward???????

    oh and i think that tanya will come and threaten bella and edward's relationship

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    i'm not going to spoil it for anyone but incase you didn't know, there are major spoilers around...

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    wat where did you get this information from!!!!!

    plz send me an email as to where so i can read this

    sry for not entirely answering your question but i noe wat i WANT to happen is tht she becomes a VAMPIRE and tht EDWARD bites her!!!!!!!!!!

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    Okay, I have nothing against you, but I AM SO SICK OF THESE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't want to make guesses!!! I just wanna be surprised!!!!

    So, once again, nothing against you, just these questions!!

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