what do this terms in biology mean?

what is the difference between electron transport chain and the final electron acceptor?

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    the electron transport chainis a series of proteins in which the high energy electrons from the Krebs Cycle are used to convert ADP into ATP.

    The final electron acceptor is the place where the newly made ATP from the Electron transport chain and ATP is used there.

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    The final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is oxygen. So the electron transport chain is a system of reactions where electrons are shifted from high energy to low energy in a series of steps. I don't know how complicated of an answer you needed. Hope this helps.

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    An electron transport chain is the sequence of reactions where electrons are transferred from different molecules, generally to facilitate the production of energy (ATP, NADP...and so on) by a change in concentrations and such.

    The final acceptor is a single molecule that uses the electrons to make it more stable (for example oxygen)

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