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studying and eating....?

I've been studying not stop all day and snacking way way to much. I am a ballet dancer and have a break off of dance for a month. I usually exercises and stuff but its hard with my test that is coming up. So I have been watching my calories except for today!!

I am 128 and 5'8, 19yrs old. I usually eat 2000 calories a day but today currently (4:30pm) I've had 1980 calories. Its all pretty healthy food (veggies, fruit, grains) Should I eat dinner tonight though? I am not hungry right now but I dont have time to exercise today cause I have a family thing tonight. What should I do?

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    i would eat eggs. because there only 90 calories per egg, and theve got tons of protien so it'll fill you up for the rest of the night

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