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In a perfect world would there be no mirrors and no clocks? What else??


Maybe no human ego???

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    I can't believe you said that! I thought I was the only one who thought this! Yea! I'm not as insane as I thought! Jewelry would be home made and the valuable stuff would be made by your kids from stuff they found in the garden or the beach; no one would mine for gold or diamonds.

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    In a perfect world there would be mirrors and clocks. Running away from one's problems and pretending they don't exist doesn't make it so. A perfect world would involve a society with the will and ability to improve itself.

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    no hate no evil and no ugly!

    Anything that is evil will be removed than you have total peace and perfection. YOu had that before in a place of no time, you didn't listen then and you still will not listen today here.

    To human is to error that is how you are created.. what your talking about is a place like heaven or heaven itself and that will never be anything here.

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    The perfect world that God describes, has nothing that can be found on earth. So everything here, isn't gonna be there, except for us and the wild/domesticated animals.

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    Why would there be no mirrors or clocks? Without clocks, travel as we know it would be impossible. I can't see a world without mirrors as perfect either.

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    No money - No rich or poor

    No hate - No wars - No sin

    No need to use the bathroom <heah - perfect world is fantasy anyway - it's always such a waste of time to go potty!

    No calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<no obesity>

    No pain - saddness - depression - mental illness

    Gheez...this list could get rather lengthy!

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    Elvis tunes and movies!


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    no barriers -- by barriers, I mean things that keep us from uniting -- that keep us from being one.

    We take the differences in people and turn them into barriers of separation. Everything from religion to race to sports teams.

    If you are different than you are the enemy.

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    1 decade ago

    No judgements

    No unhappiness

    No money

    No darkness

    No worries

    No death

    No confusion

    No polution

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    1 decade ago

    No war.

    No starvation.

    No conflicting religions.

    No natural disasters.

    No discrimination.

    No mean, egocentric people.

    No environmental crisis.

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