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I need a book?

for a high school project i need a biography that is 200 pgs. long (at least). It can't be the diary of Anne Frank and

i dont want a sports biography. Does anyone have any sugestions?


by the way it has to be a biography.

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    You should try Thomas Alva Edison. He invented the lightbulb.

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    can it be an autobiography? no minor chords by andre previn is hillarious. its out of print but i'm sure you can track one down. it's his life story from coming to the USA as a boy from germany, to becoming a teenage wunderkind composer/arranger in hollywood working with teenage liz taylor and the likes, finding out he had been nominated for an oscar while he was digging a latrine trench in the army, becoming conductor of the london symphony, ect... good stuff.

  • OMG! Abraham Lincoln... He ROCKS! He was the BEST President or Elvis Presley... he ROCKS too! And I think Elvis will be something different.

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    try Thomas Edison

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