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Does anyone have a 7 year old girl that is 57 inches tall?

My daughter is about 1 foot taller than all of her classmates. I think she is gorgeous and certainly healthy...thank God. but I fear she will be too tall! I am 5 ft 91/2inches and her father is 6 ft. But I know I was not that tall when I was seven. ????

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    My daughter is 11 and is 5'4.She has always towered over her classmates. The kids lover her. She is sweet and kind. I am 5'8 and her Dad is 6' 3. She has done fine being taller than most kids. The doctor thinks she could be 6' 5 if she hits puberty late.

    She will befine.. Don't worry Mom.. just keep thinking basketball schoolership..

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    i am 5'9 now but i was always ahead of my other classmates in my height. i know i wasnt 5'7 when i was only 7 although.

    i dont think you have anything to worry about, its a good thing that she is tall!

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    too tall?? watever maybe she's just growing faster than everyone else. i was like that tall too now im 5'9 and 13 years old

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