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Why is it that I want my boyfriend to spend 24/7 with me in order to feel loved in my relationship?

if i dont get constant attention from him i feel like hes out cheating

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    It is likely you are co-dependant. Try co-dependants anonymous. They will give you some tools to work with your issues, and you will meet new people.

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    It sounds like you are insecure with yourself. If you were secure with who you are, you wouldn't care about what he does. Now, it's not an easy thing to get over. It's actually pretty hard. You just have to catch yourself when you start to think negatively. Go out with your friends more. Don't give yourself time to worry about him. If something happens and he cheats on you then he doesn't deserve you. You bothering him all the time about where he has been isn't going to make him not cheat on you. It's actually going to do the opposite. Spend more time thinking about you. Have a spa day, get your hair done, go clothes shopping. If you are happy with you, you'll be with someone who is just as happy

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    Well, you realize this will eventually end the relationship, right?

    Probably you feel this way from something that happened to you in the past. Without knowing you, it is hard to pin point, or offer ideas. I would hate to offend you by saying something about your childhood, when maybe you had a lovely childhood...just not enough info to say.

    But really, if this is how you feel, then I wonder if you do really love him, or just need him.

  • Obviously you are very insecure and clingy. I must warn you that eventually he will leave you because you are more than likely smothering him. Get some hobbies and do things by yourself once in a while. Nobody wants someone hanging off of them 24/7.

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    You need to do whatever you must to improve your self-esteem and begin joining things that you would enjoy to give him space. Sometimes, things like this become a self-fulfilling prophecy just because you do things you know they cannot take on a long-term basis. Remember, he's thinking that you will be the person always that you are showing him now.

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    Is there something that he has done that makes you not trust him? Or is it your guilty conscience maybe? Im certainly not trying to be judgemental or rude at all. Im just saying that theres definately a trust issue there. Hope you can get some help or the relationship will fail. You cant smother someone.

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    It sounds like you don't trust him and that if he is not with you, he is out with someone else. You have to learn to trust if you want the relationship to last.

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    You need to 'feel' him with you?

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    Because you have no self esteem and are completely codependent?


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